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Our Story

Your adventure continues.

BubbyBags’ story starts with an active couple who wanted to remain active when they become a family.

Our mission is to enable you to continue living an active life and enable you to include your new arrival in your next adventures. Some people wait for the world to be delivered to their home. BubbyBags customers seek to embrace the world outside whether during a stroll down the street or on a multi-country tour.

We bring confidence and peace of mind to your adventures with your child. Our backpacks offer smart organization, comfort on longer outings, and quick, easy access tso you can find what you need quickly. Combined with durable contruction and easy to clean fabric, our diaper bags simply make trips easier.

Your active life is not the only thing you refuse to leave behind when your child arrives. You also refuse to leave style behind.

Our goal? Bring you attractive, timeless designs with the functionality you need.

Our backpacks bring you and your child to the world.


Quality Designed In

Quality begins with good design. We want our backpacks to be like a third hand. The features we design into our products only work when built with durable materials and crafted by skilled hands. We test our products multiple times during the manufacturing process and at the warehouse before they are shipped around the world to our fellow adventurers.


A World for Keeps

We too are adventurers and want to tread lightly on the planet. We seek to leave behind a world that generations far in the future can enjoy as much as we do. Our products are built to last. We use only Microfiber vegan leather that is both durable and eco-friendly when compared to animal leather.


BubbyBags - for active moms... & dads